Monday, March 23, 2015

Sail Away Hoodie Pattern

I am in love with this hoodie! It is soft and comfy, has pockets and a cute lined hood. And best of all, it was so straightforward to make! My good friend Grethel designed the pattern, and it is available at a special introductory price right now on Etsy.  

Downloaded patterns are THE way to go these days, folks. You can make the item over and over again in multiple sizes, and you always have a backup to re-print if part of the pattern gets damaged. I have come to prefer downloading my patterns WAY over the wispy thin patterns I learned to sew with.

Grethel had a team of testers with varying skill levels, sizes, and sewing machines try this pattern out before its release. I can attest to its ease of use and I love the finished product! Truly a year-round jacket!

This pattern gives you the option of using multiple fabrics to add fun contrast. I love how the striped cuffs and hood turned out with this one! 

I just did a contrasting light pink on the hood lining for this jacket.


  1. What fabric did you use? It looks like a cotton jersey?

    1. Yes, I used a lightweight cotton jersey for both the pink and the gray hoodies. The pink was a bit thinner (except the hood lining, which was more like a thick t-shirt fabric).