Sunday, August 26, 2018

Paint Pallet Art Treats

One of the many hats I wear (and one of my very favorites!) is that of art teacher. I teach several students in my home, and at the end of each school year I put together an art show to highlight their work throughout the year. 

This year as I was prepping for the event, I had the idea to create these sweet-and-salty paint pallets as a themed refreshment for the show. I LOVE when I think of something without the aid of Pinterest. I am grateful for Pin-spiration as well, but it is reassuring to know that I can still have an original idea on my own!

To make these pallets you will need:
  • Original flavor Pringles
  • Small Pretzel Sticks (Rold Gold are skinnier and work better than Snyder's)
  • White Icing (I went the easy route and bought one of these.) 
  • Red, Yellow, Blue, Green or other color Icing Tubes like these.
You can certainly make your own icing and tint it and slop it into sleeves to pipe onto these, but the extra $5 I may have spent for convenience and almost no clean-up was worth every penny to me!

 1. Put a circle of icing on a chip.

 2. Place another chip directly over it sandwiching them together. I tried this with single chips and they were too wimpy.  You need two stuck together to make them sturdy enough to hold the decorations you will be adding.

 3. Line about half a pretzel with white icing.

4.  Stick the pretzel to the chips you just prepared.

5. Add icing (any color) to the tip of the pretzel. Use that  color to make one paint splotch on the chip pallet.

6. Continue making paint splotches with each of the other colors.

Let it dry, and enjoy!