Friday, April 18, 2014

3 Cuts + 2 Seams = 1 Skirt

I have claimed other skirts I've made to be easy. But they pale in comparison to the ease of this one. I whipped it out, with a little help from my 3 year old, in less than an hour. 

And it is comfy...and cute....and wrinkle-resistant.

I found the tutorial on It was super-easy to follow. The only changes I made were to some of the measurements: 

1. I made the waistband wider--so I cut a 12" wide piece, instead of a 10" wide piece.

2. The tutorial also assumes a waist size of 28-30. You can adjust to fit any waist by making the waist piece the length you need. Just remember it is stretchy fabric, so snug is okay. 

3. I made the skirt longer by cutting a 43" square, instead of 42."  I wanted to make sure it fell below my knee, and I'm glad I made that change. 

Click HERE for the tutorial.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the source of the fabric I used. I found this wonderful fabric shop in Seattle last week--District Fabric.  Talk about eye candy! I had to practice major self-restraint.  The owner travels to Los Angeles, New York, and India to choose the fabrics. And they are reasonably priced. This is a NICE, soft, jersey knit, and it cost about $6/yard. SWEET!

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