Friday, July 11, 2014

"Bad Day" Printables

While hiking together on a recent family trip, we passed a man and woman on the trail. It was an especially hot summer day, and I commented to them that the air felt so much better up in the canyon where we were than down in the valley. The man then responded, "Hey, a bad day in the mountains beats the best day at work!"  

As the hike went on, we came out of the canyon and the air was no longer cool. The trail was totally exposed, and we were soon sweltering in 90+ degree temps, and huffing and puffing as we ascended into thinner air.  The mantra I had heard earlier from that gentleman on the trail kept repeating in my mind, "A bad day in the mountains..."  It was my motivating mantra as we reached the top and enjoyed the beautiful views.

By the time we returned to the car, I had decided to make a printable for my home with the mantra. I told one of my sisters about it, and she suggested another version, which I also love: 

This is something I need to be reminded of more often. Families are the BEST part of life.

I made a few versions of the mountains--all can be downloaded and printed, free of charge. 

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  1. Love the printables, especially the family one. It's so true, family is the best thing about life. Even the bad days we will look back on with smiles in years to come.

    Thanks for sharing at Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning :-)

    1. Our readers loved this printables last week and were one of our top clicked links. They will be featured at next week's party :-)

    2. I am flattered these will be featured! Thank you. Looking forward to the party!

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  3. It's funny when a little thing like a passing comment can impact our lives! I love this post! Thank you for sharing it with us on Merry Monday! Pinning your printables! Julia

  4. Thanks for the printables! Thanks for sharing. Hello from Thrifty Thursday.

  5. Great printable!! We so miss our home back in NNY. My husband is in the Army, so we are currently stationed in Germany. It is beautiful here...but its not the Adirondacks ;-0