Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jersey Knit Bracelet Tutorial


These casual, comfy bracelets (seriously, you don't even feel them), add a fun pop of color, AND they are easy and kinda addicting to make.  I taught my 10 year old to make them in less than 10 minutes.

1. First you will need long (54”+) 1 inch wide strips of jersey knit fabric.  And your hands. :)  

You can find lots of variety of colors and prints out there right now because of the popularity of maxi-skirts. I found a striped fabric with silver and turquoise 1" stripes. 1/4 yard made 6 bracelets (3 of each color).

 2. Hold one end of the fabric strip in your right hand with your thumb so that the fabric lays across your palm.

3.  While holding the end with your thumb, place the fabric between your ring and middle finger.

4. Now pull it behind your ring finger and back in front of your pinky.

 5. Now wrap it around the back of your pinky and the front of your ring finger.

 6. Next, wrap it around the back of both your ring and pinky fingers.

 7. Wrap it around the front of both fingers and lay it between your ring and middle fingers.

 8. Pull the lower loop on your pinky over the upper loop and up over the top of your pinky.

 9. Now, pull the lower loop of your ring finger up over the upper loop and up over the top of your ring finger.

 10. Now take the long strand and pull it around the front (around the pinky first) and then pinch it between your ring and middle fingers.

 11. Repeat the same process as in steps 8-10 over and over.

12. After you have done several layers, pull the short end (the one your thumb has been holding) out to tighten the box braid you are weaving. Doing this a few times throughout  will help you see and measure your work,  and it will help keep the weave nice and even. 

13.  TO FINISH: Once you have reached your desired length, pull the two loops off your fingers and hold them in one hand. Use your other hand to run remaining length of fabric through both loops. This will finish that end. Then you can tie the two ends together to make a finished bracelet. Trim close or leave a little tail--whichever look you prefer.