Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ruffles for Days Ruffle Skirt

It doesn't get much cuter than this, huh? 
I had such a successful experience making these matching ruffle skirts today for me and my little woman, I had to share!

This ruffle fabric is all the rage right now. It is super-easy to sew with because you don't need to hem the bottom or do any ironing and folding AT ALL. Seriously.   You can buy it at most fabric stores (I've seen it at our JoAnn's), but I bought mine on a great deal from Pick Your Plum.

I didn't need to do a step-by-step tutorial because an excellent one is already available  from V and Co. Seriously, she rocked it.

Today was  a rainy, cloudy day in the Pacific Northwest (surprise, surprise), so my natural light was nil.  Even our attempt at outdoor shots (while getting wet), weren't good. Obviously, it wasn't because of my super-nice camera. ;) Hopefully you get an idea of the finished product, despite the poor photography.

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