Saturday, May 3, 2014

2 Wreaths for Under $20

That's right folks. I didn't realize it until I did the math after making the wreaths. Not only will you have 2 fabulous wreaths and new-found crafting skills, you will save ALOT of moolah.

Here's the exciting line-up: 
  • One Pipe Insulating Tube with 1-inch walls ($3, hardware stores)These come in 6-foot lengths--enough for 2 medium or 1 large and 1 small wreath
  • 2-3 rolls of Burlap Ribbon ($5-$6 per roll)
  • Needle and Thread 
  • Packaging Tape
  • Sewing Pins
I made the assumption you would have the last 3 items on hand, so I didn't add those into my price estimate.  If you don't have them, sorry--you may have to spend a couple more bucks. :)

And the How-To: 

1. First, remove the plastic liner from the tube and press the walls together to seal it closed. Do this carefully so you don't have an uneven form.

2. Cut the tube into the lengths you would like the circumferences of your wreaths to be. I did one large one (50"), and one small (22").  Large scissors work fine for the cutting. FYI: I won't do such a small one again because it was  very hard to bend into a circle.  Form the circles (seam inside for an easier curve) and tape them closed with the packaging tape.

3. Using the ribbon you would like for the wreath (not the flowers), tape one end at an angle to the form. 

4. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the wreath, allowing minimal overlap.  Cut away any excess and tape the end discretely. The wreath is covered. Now for the flowers.

How to make burlap flowers:

Flower #1:
1. Start with a 45 inch length of ribbon (this will make a 4" flower). Fold one end into a triangle as shown.

2. Fold again to make a more narrow point on the end of the ribbon.

3. Beginning at the narrow end, roll the ribbon up tightly.

4. Twist the ribbon to make it more narrow and continue to wrap it around the center. You can use pins to stabilize the burlap as you go, if needed.

5.  Thread the needle with thread that matches the burlap and tie it off. Sew the layers together. For large flowers, you may need to do this in stages as you wrap the burlap around. For smaller ones, you can do all the sewing after the flower is formed. (Just be sure to stick a couple pins in to hold it in place while you sew!)

One completed flower!

Flower #2: 
1. Start with a 16-inch length of ribbon.  Take the end of one strand running horizontally near the middle of the ribbon and begin to pull it loose.

2. Find the same strand on the other end of the ribbon (it will be more taught than the rest), and pull it gently, pushing the rest of the ribbon away to make a gather.

3. Tie the two ends together. 

4.  Turn over and adjust to the look you like!

Time to attach the flowers to the Wreath...

This may be my favorite discovery as I made these. I didn't have to use my glue gun AT ALL to make these wreaths! 
All you need is sewing pins. Seriously! 

1. Push the pin into the flower in a spot that can be easily hidden by fold.

2. Continue pushing it in until you can't see it anymore.  Use 2-3 pins per flower. 

So easy! No burnt fingers or stringy glue strands or gloppy messes from a hot glue gun!!

The completed large wreath found its home on the front door

The completed small wreath on the back of a dining room chair. :)

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  1. I was admiring your front door wreath yesterday! I've had the supplies to make a similar new wreath for months now, I need to get on it! You're inspiring!

  2. hi kelly! i've found you from create it thursday and these are really beautiful wreaths on a budget!
    i would love for you to submit this project and be my SuperBlogger, the link is for more details or you may email me at if you have any questions...

    ps: i am also accepting guest blogger or contributor if you're interested (

    hope to see you there, huggies♥

    1. Thanks, Rea! I just submitted it (hopefully I did everything right...). I am pretty new and clueless at this blog thing, so I'm truly flattered by your invitation.