Saturday, May 10, 2014


I saw a super tutorial on last week that inspired me to make a couple of chalkboards for my house. I followed the tutorial completely (so check it out!), and added a couple of extras that I will share.

First I started with a couple of old unattractive framed prints I got at Goodwill for half-off. Notice that the top one has a white mat. That is important to facilitate my decorative addition.

I put masking tape (carefully, straightly) right up next to the frame on top of the glass, covering most of the white mat. It is hard to see in this picture, but it is there.

I disassembled the other frame per the instructions on However, I would not recommend that course of action unless you are SURE you can get it all put back together safely. Those little staples used in cheap commercial framing are beastly.

Ok--a couple of steps are shown here: Paint the frame gold. Paint the first of 4 coats of chalkboard paint on the glass. I roughed the glass up with sandpaper before I painted it. 

Here are two other frames I did as well. The larger one was the one I took apart that I shouldn't have. The smaller one was an old picture frame that was easily taken apart. My little 3 year old helper wanted to make a chalkboard, too, so the small one is hers.

Once the gold paint is dry, rub petroleum jelly (Vaseline), on any areas you want the gold to come through after the final coat of paint. 

Paint the frame with the top coat color, and use a paper towel to wipe away the areas that had Vaseline. (This is all pretty redundant if you looked at the tutorial I learned this from).

Here's where I added a little extra fun. Carefully remove the masking tape. I ran an Exacto knife along the edges of it to make sure I didn't peel up any paint while removing it.

(Ignore my feet and legs.:)) Here is the chalkboard with the white mat showing through the uncovered glass.

I found this fun vinyl on the clearance rack this week at the grocery store. It is the kind that clings to glass. The white lines are transparent when you remove the vinyl from the paper backing.  I have used it to decorate a few large vases and jars around my house. I thought it would be PERFECT for this.  All you crafters with vinyl cutting machines could use other vinyl and play around with the possibilites on this, I'm sure.

One package gives you 3 sheets of fun. 

Cut the vinyl to frame the chalkboard.  Ta-da!

So, the tall skinny board was a lesson for me. I love how it turned out, but the vinyl was a total cover-up, because while oh-so-carefully reassembling the frame (putting the chalkboard covered glass back into the staple-ridden frame back), I broke the glass. Just a tad, but enough that it would show. So I stuck a sheet of vinyl onto the bottom.  It will be a menu/ list board in my kitchen!

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  1. Beautiful Kelly! I love the personal touches you've added!!! Shared on the DIY Fun Ideas facebook page: :-)

    1. Thanks, Jenise! I will definitely be following your facebook page. So many great ideas!