Thursday, October 29, 2015

DIY Adult Anna Costume

My youngest, baby, only 5-year-old daughter asked me to be Anna.  That was pretty much all it took.  I had to seize this moment! Who knows if she'll ever ask me to dress up alongside her for Halloween again?!! 

I made my costume in a day. This included going to Wal-Mart to buy all the supplies. (Yes, they were ALL from Wal-Mart--so INEXPENSIVE--Yay!). 

I already had my white blouse and black boots. If you don't have these in your wardrobe already, borrow or try a thrift store to keep the costume cost down.  I also already had the pom pom trim, but similar can be found here or at most fabric stores. 

Here's the breakdown of the supplies and their cost: 

 For the Anna Dress: 
  1. I used 1 yard of blue jersey knit fabric and followed THIS TUTORIAL from Altered Cloth to make this simple gathered skirt.  
  2. I trimmed the bottom edge of a black camisole to have an angular scallop at the front like Anna's dress does. 
  3. I pinned, then sewed on the gold trim--just on the front of the bodice and neckline--and over the straps. 
  4. I used chalk to outline the flowers for the bottom of the skirt and the front decoration on the camisole.
  5. I used fabric paint to draw over the chalk drawings I made. 

For the Anna Cape: 
  1. I used 3 yards of 55"(ish) fleece and THIS TUTORIAL from Skip to My Lou to cut out the two pieces of the cape. The three yards helped it to fit an adult instead of a child (as in the original tutorial). 
  2. I sewed pom pom trim to the edge of the capelet (instead of hot gluing--faster and less frustrating!)
  3. I layered a strip of leftover fleece (for a tie) between the necks of the caplet and cape and sewed them all together (instead of hot-gluing). A ribbon would work well here, too, but I didn't have any that matched on hand. 

And that's it! Anna is ready!

My costume was a HIT at our church Trunk-or-Treat! There were 2 or 3 little Annas there who would stare up at me with gaping mouths when I said hi! :) And my daughter didn't want to leave my side! She said we were sisters and had to go around together! That made this definitely worth a last-minute effort!


  1. Kelly, your daughter is so cute, bless her. You're sisters and have to go together haha, she's right!
    I'm pinning this, I'm sure any time I will need it because my two girls are Frozen fans
    Thanks for sharing it with us at #2usestuesday

  2. I'm looking at this costume wondering how you got all that fabulous detail, I went back and re-read - fabric paint! Your so smart. No wonder you had all the little girls in awe. You both look fantastic.